Rekola - comfortable & safe city rides

Rent a pink bike anytime you want. Ride for as long as you need. If you ride up to 15min, its free! Then lock it within the zone for the next rider. This is proper bikesharing!
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Rekola: new, modern, rackless bikesharing

Easy rent, easy return

Use the app, web, SMS to find, rent, return a bike. Within seconds. More about renting and returning

Safe, serviced bikes

We check and take care of every single bike and make immediate repairs whenever needed. Each bike fulfills all safety requirements.

Fast and salubrious!

Cycling often really is the fastest way to get around town. Not to mention the health benefits that compensate a sedentary lifestyle.

Single rides or annual membership

Just like in public transportation, you can choose between annual membership (1199Kč) or single rentals (at the price of a ticket). If you ride up to 15min, its free! You just need to sign up..

Enjoy our pink bike like 15.000 other users!

How do Rekola work?

  • Registration and log-in

    Register at Fill in the required information and payment card details, and hop on a bike.

  • Finding the bike

    Find a bike near you using the map in our mobile app. Once you choose a bike, it will be marked on the map along with a countdown of how long it will take you to get there.

  • Renting the bike

    In the app, rent a bike by pressing the big pink button. Enter the number from the bike frame and the app will give you an unlock code.

  • Ride

    Your ride is time-measured by the app. A bike is rented for 1 hour by default. You can rent it for longer, too, but you will be charged extra depending on your scheme.

  • Returning the bike

    There's a pink area in our app, called the zone. Please return the bike within the zone so other riders can easily find it. We have also put hundreds of racks on the map for your convenience. They're called Repoints, with the "parking sign" icon: (the circle shows the number of bikes currently available). This means you don't have to go through the trouble of locking the bike to lamps or road signs.

Rekola are available in 6 cities in Czech Republic

Right now you can use Rekola in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, České Budějovice, Teplice or Kladno. We might expand to other cities in the future.

Smart cities all over the world are improving their infrastructure for cyclists, supporting bikesharing systems and discussing the integration of bicycles into city life. We don't want to fall behind, and so we're cooperating with our cities as much as we can!