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Rekola Bikesharing

The fastest way
around up to 3 kms

Register under 1 minute and for free in our Rekola app

Rekola bikesharing - česká růžová sdílená kola
QR kód

Scan a QR code and the bike
will automatically unlock

How does it work?

We’re giving away rides
to try our service

Pricing & benefits

Return bikes in area
around wider city center

Where exactly?
Rekola in symbiosis with the city since 2013

Replacement transport,
shared bike racks, data

Not just bikesharing

Extra events every year
thanks to our partners

Spolupráce: Cool nealko, RedBull, HBO, HelloBank!
A benefit that employees love

Rekola as a benefit
for employees

Rekola pro firmy - Economia, Kooperativa
More details

Get Rekola app and start riding!

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