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Where and when is possible to rent a bike?

Bikes are available in 4 Czech cities (Prague, Brno, České Budějovice, Olomouc) and in Bratislava.

You can rent Rekola bikes 24/7/365.

Bike parking

At the end of the ride, please park your bike in the parking spots agreed with the city. These are bike racks, marked and as unmarked spots on the streets. They are shown on the map in the Rekola app as .

Returning the bike outside the parking spots is subject to a fine of 500 CZK. Don't worry, the app will warn you in advance if you try to return outside and advise you to move the bike. You can return your bike without any frustration near taller buildings or trees when the GPS is little "off" or when a car is parked in the spot. That is thanks to the pink area around the symbol.

When parking in unmarked spots, please make sure your bike does not get in the way of wheelchairs, strollers or visually impaired people. Inappropriately parked bikes will be dealt with and we will warn users who are doing so.

Riding with Subscription

Where do I activate it?
Go you the Rekola app menu and tap Subscription button.

Subscription for only 230 CZK gives you unlimited number of rides up to 30 minutes. And it is valid across all cities with Rekola bikesharing in Czech Republic.

When do I pay?
Our Subscription is paid automatically each month on the same day you first activated it. Example: You'll activate it on March 24th, your prepaid period lasts until April 23rd. If you don't cancel it, next payment will occur on April 24th.

If the upcoming month doesn't have the day, the payment will occur sooner. Example: You'll activate it on March 31st, next payment will occur on April 30th. (April doesn't have 31 days). Next payment will be on May 31st.

You will pay for the Subscription only withing regular Rekola biking season: between March 21st and November 21st.

Have it under your control
You can find list of all payments under Settings and Tariff in Subscription section in Rekola mobile app. We will also inform you via email, if there is any change in your Subscription.

Simple cancellation
You can easily cancel your Subscription under Settings and Tariff in Subscription section. Just tap the button "Cancel Subscription".

When you cancel, you can still enjoy unlimited rides up to 30 minutes until the end of your prepaid period. Next payment will NOT occur and your tariff will automatically change to pay as you go.

You can cancel and activate the Subscription repeatedly as you need to throughout the year.

Rent 2 bikes with one account

For your partner or friends. Just rent your first bike, then tap the big pink button again and scan QR code from the sencond bike.

You can swipe between the bikes you have just rented. You can tell them appart by their number and name under the lock passcode.

Returning is also easy. Just return first bike and then repeat the process with second bike.

How to pay for rides?

Just enter your card into the app after registration (via payment gateway).

You will need to pay 1 CZK at the begining to verify your card for future payments (rides, bike reservations etc.).

Payment gateway accepts most of debit and credit cards.

Bike reservation

You can reserve your bike in advance for 15 minutes. Open Rekola app, find the bike you'd like to rent and tap Reserve button.

What does the name Rekola mean?

We started with recycled bikes which were donated by other people (RE as recycled and KOLA as bikes in Czech, therefore REKOLA).

Right now we are providing new bikes. But still every bike has its own name, you can look them up in the app :)

Need help?

Please contact Marta a Nina, they will gladly help you:, Messenger or +420 778 099 878 (9am till 6pm)

Get Rekola free app and start riding!

You can also use mobile web or Messenger