Where and when is possible to rent a bike?

Bikes are available in Prague, Brno, České Budějovice, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava and Teplice.

You can rent Rekola bikes 24/7 from 21st March till the end of November (or longer if the weather is good).

I don't have smartphone with iOS / Android - rent bikes too

If you have Windows Phone or other phone with mobile data, you can easily rent bike via our web app. Just enter app.rekola.cz into your browser.

If you don't want to install Rekola app, you can also rent bikes via Facebook Messenger bot. Just go to chatbot.rekola.cz, our bot will exlain everything, help you set up your account and rent a bike.

Parking and designated zone

Rekola are station-less bikesharing. So you can park bikes almost anywhere, no need to look for a station. We recommend parking in bike racks (you can find them in our app marked with P).

Please be considered to other people's space, crowded areas and don't park at public transportation stops.

Zone is designated area in the city where bike can be parked. It's marked as pink area in the app. If you return your bike outside the zone, you will be charged 320 CZK. No worries, app will tell you in advance to move the bike into the zone, so you don't have to pay anything extra.

Rides up to 15 minutes are free

Thanks to our partnership with HelloBank! are rides up to 15 minutes in Prague and most of the other cities for free for everyone. See pricing for details.

Rent up to 4 bikes at once

For your partner or friends. Just rent your first bike, then tap the big pink button again and enter the bike number from the sencond bike frame.

You can swipe between the bikes you have just rented. You can tell them appart by their number and name under the lock passcode.

Returning is also easy. Just return first bike and then repeat the process with other bikes.

How to pay for rides?

Just enter your card into the app after registration (via payment gateway).

You will need to pay 1 CZK (we will refund it) at the begining to verify your card for future payments (rides, bike reservations etc.).

Payment gateway accepts most of debit and credit cards.

Bike reservation

You can reserve your bike in advance for 15 minutes. Open Rekola app, find the bike you'd like to rent and tap Reserve button.

What does the name Rekola mean?

We started with recycled bikes which were donated by other people (RE as recycled and KOLA as bikes in Czech, therefore REKOLA).

You can find new bikes in Prague, Brno and Liberec but other cities still use refurbished bikes. Btw every bike has its own name, you can look them up in the app :)

Need help?

Please contact Marta a Nina, they will gladly help you:
info@rekola.cz, Messenger or +420 778 099 878 (9am till 6pm)

Get Rekola free app and start riding!

You can also use mobile web or Messenger