Subscription Standard
First month for free to try it out

As part of the subscription, you can rent a bike 4 times for 30 minutes

How can I redeem it?

Get a free month in the Rekola app

1. Open the Rekola app

Go to the Subscriptions and benefits section via the menu in the upper left corner.

2. Activate your Subscription Standard rides

Click on Subscription Standard rides and then the Activate button. You can try the first month for 0 CZK (0 EUR), then the subscription costs 59 CZK per month or 2,49 EUR per month in Slovakia. You can easily end your subscription here at any time. We will send you an email notification before the trial period ends.

3. Go get a bike, free month is yours

You will see a confirmation of activation and you can 4 times for 30 minutes per round. We are happy to advise daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Simply write us a message directly from the Rekola app

Redeem free month in the Rekola app
Tip: After activation, move the e-mail from Rekola from the Promotions to your regular mail so that you don't miss future notifications.


Who is eligible for a free month of Subscription Standard?

Absolutely everyone who has not yet activated the first month of 4 rides for 30 minutes in the past (previously it was available under the name Cool subscription, but cooperation with COOL nealko has ended).

How do I activate the Subscription Standard?

Download the Rekola app. During registration, the application will automatically offer you to activate the subscription.

If you already have an account with Rekol, you can activate the subscription via the menu in the Subscriptions and benefits section.

How much does the Subscription Standard cost?

The subscription is free for the first month. If you keep the subscription, the next month will cost you 59 CZK or 2,49 EUR in Slovakia.

How many rides are included in the Subscription Standard?

The subscription covers you for 4 (+ bonus) rides of 30 minutes. From the second month you get an extra ride as a bonus - a total of 5 rides of 30 minutes per month for only CZK 59.

How about a longer ride or a second lap?

The subscription only covers you for 4 (+ bonus) rides of up to 30 minutes on one bike. Anything extra is charged after 30 minutes according to the current price list. E.g. in Prague it is CZK 35 for every half hour started.

How many times can I activate my subscription?

The trial subscription is free only once.

A paid subscription for 59 CZK (2,49 EUR) per month is always available to everyone. In the Subscriptions and benefits section of the application, you can turn it on and off at will, only for the period when you need it.

What happens if I use all rides within the Subscription Standard?

You can keep riding. Rides beyond the limit within the same month are paid separately. The application will notify you of the change in billing before renting.

If you don't cancel your subscription, your subscription will be renewed the following month and you will get 5 new rides within it.

If you ride often, consider a Subscription Premium with unlimited rides for 30 minutes, adding a MultiSport or connecting Lítačka.

How do I cancell the Subscription Standard?

In the application, go to the Subscriptions and benefits section and click on the Rides strip for the Standard subscription (previously named Cool subscription - cooperation has already ended). In the next step below, use the End subscription button.

After termination, you can continue riding, without a subscription you pay for each ride separately. The application notifies you of the change in billing before driving.