What's new in 2018

Rekola bikesharing Messenger bot

Rent your bike via
Facebook Messenger bot

No need to install more apps. Just use Facebook Messenger. Go to chatbot.rekola.cz or tap the blue button bellow and our bot will explain everything.

Just setup your account. Send a bike number from the frame to our bot and get lockcode in return. Enjoy your ride and then share your current location to return the bike. Quick and easy!

Rent bikes even for your family or friends

Rent up to 4 bikes for your friends or your partner via one account, all you need to do is download new Rekola mobile app. Simply rent your first bike and then in a same way another one.

Returning is now much quicker. Just take a photo of locked and parked bike and let the app do the rest.

You can also redeem your voucher, buy membership or get notifications about your rides or our news newly just via the app.

Every time ride up to 15 minutes for free

Partnership with HelloBank! and Rekola Bikesharing from previous year continues... which means more free riding!

Thanks to HelloBank! are rides up to 15 minutes for everyone in Prague and most of the other cities for free.